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Random Pairs Cup
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Welcome to
Random Pairs Cup

Event Details

Time:21:00 CET
Event admin:Fix oder Nix
Event title:Saturday RPC
Event forum:For event communication and protests
Event description:Standard RPC Rules, be 10 min earlier in the ITBYC Team Speak http://itbyc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=2299
8 skippers have entered:
Fix oder NixHost
Mikolaj POL
Filip CRO

View scoreboard and racetable

Race 1:TR Straight F4 v.3
Race 2:TR Box F5 v.3
Race 3:TR Loop F3
Race 4:TR Airpump F5
Race 5:TR Tour F4
Race 6:TR Bowtie F4 v.3
Race 7:TR Twist F5
Download the courses
Info for event admin:
  • By default, the RPC follow the rules in the relevant sections of the VTC SI.
  • Any changes to these rules should be posted in the event description.
  • Make sure you choose courses that only last for apprx. 10 minutes.
  • Upload the courses in the RPC forum if they are not avialable elsewhere.
  • Market the event on other sites if necessary to get 8 skippers.
  • Make sure there are at least 4 hosts on the entry list.
  • The first host will host 7 races. The 2nd, 4 races. 3rd, 2 races. 4th, 1 race.
  • Submit results for server 1 and 2 between each race (only you can do this).
  • If there are pending protest, just submit the preliminary score, and make changes after the event is finished.
  • Info for hosts:
  • Pay attention to what races you will host, and make sure you have downloaded the courses.
  • Make sure to wear the right skin color (red) before hosting...
  • Put up the race as soon as possible when you are supposed to host, and select courses in correct order.
  • Race name should include RPC and the server number.
  • Race password should be rpc.
  • Info for all:
  • First of all, be efficient! 8 skippers will do 7 races and there will be many changes of skins and servers.
  • The event is only as fast as the slowest skipper, so make sure you are not the skipper that delays the event past 2 hours.
  • Right after finishing a race, check the scoreboard where you will be next and go there asap, with the right skin...
  • Dont discuss protests between races, but discuss them after all 7 races are done.
  • If you don't agree on a protest or don't have time to discuss right after racing, post the protest in the RPC forum.
  • The protest time limit is 24 hours after the last race has finished.
  • The team who trough a protest is found breaking a rule without taking a penalty, lose the race. In case of multiple protests, the team with the least number rules violations win the race.