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Random Pairs Cup
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Random Pairs Cup

Event Details

Time:18:45 CET
Event admin:Sailgood
Event title:Return of the TR
Event forum:For event communication and protests
Event description:RULES The races shall be sailed under The Racing Rules of Sailing, including Appendix D for VSK. Parts of the boats are only the hull and mast. If the VSK Umpire gives a penalty according to RRS 11, 12, 15, 16, 18 or 31, it shall be assumed there was contact. If there was alleged contact not visible in both replays, contact shall only be assumed if the right of way boat got a significant disadvantage, except when VSK gives a penalty for the rules listed in rule 3. Information derived from the VSK umpire (ISAF panel) with regards to overlap, zone entry and what tack a boat is on, shall be considered correct. If requested by the other party, a screenshot of the protest hail shall be provided. If the teams disagree on the timing of a hail for RTT under rule 20, the hailing boat shall provide a screenshot as evidence. Any protests shall be submitted in the RPC topic in the forum. The protest should be open for input from any contributor. The outcome of the protest shall be taken from a representative from the VTC race committee if available. Otherwise by a majority decision based on input from non-interested parties. No attack on other boats before -2:00.
8 skippers have entered:
z h i kHost

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Race 1:TR Loop F5
Race 2:TR Box F5
Race 3:TR Twist F5
Race 4:TR Straight F5
Race 5:TR Loop F5
Race 6:TR Box F5
Race 7:TR Twist F5
Download the courses
Info for event admin:
  • By default, the RPC follow the rules in the relevant sections of the VTC SI.
  • Any changes to these rules should be posted in the event description.
  • Make sure you choose courses that only last for apprx. 10 minutes.
  • Upload the courses in the RPC forum if they are not avialable elsewhere.
  • Market the event on other sites if necessary to get 8 skippers.
  • Make sure there are at least 4 hosts on the entry list.
  • The first host will host 7 races. The 2nd, 4 races. 3rd, 2 races. 4th, 1 race.
  • Submit results for server 1 and 2 between each race (only you can do this).
  • If there are pending protest, just submit the preliminary score, and make changes after the event is finished.
  • Info for hosts:
  • Pay attention to what races you will host, and make sure you have downloaded the courses.
  • Make sure to wear the right skin color (red) before hosting...
  • Put up the race as soon as possible when you are supposed to host, and select courses in correct order.
  • Race name should include RPC and the server number.
  • Race password should be rpc.
  • Info for all:
  • First of all, be efficient! 8 skippers will do 7 races and there will be many changes of skins and servers.
  • The event is only as fast as the slowest skipper, so make sure you are not the skipper that delays the event past 2 hours.
  • Right after finishing a race, check the scoreboard where you will be next and go there asap, with the right skin...
  • Dont discuss protests between races, but discuss them after all 7 races are done.
  • If you don't agree on a protest or don't have time to discuss right after racing, post the protest in the RPC forum.
  • The protest time limit is 24 hours after the last race has finished.
  • The team who trough a protest is found breaking a rule without taking a penalty, lose the race. In case of multiple protests, the team with the least number rules violations win the race.