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ISAF Racing 2012-01-13
Ranking Country Boatname Wins Losses
1 SUI Peppino 6 1
2 ITA hula 5 2
2 GER Fix oder Nix 5 2
4 SCO camster 4 3
5 FRA Luna 3 4
5 DEN JTL 3 4
7 ITA cocal 2 5
8 FRA marcus 0 7
Race Table
ISAF Racing 2012-01-13
The host is the skipper listed first on each server in the table below!
  Red Team   Blue Team
Race 1

TR Straight F4 v.3

Server 1 Fix oder Nix Luna vs marcus Peppino
Server 2 camster cocal vs hula JTL
Race 2

TR Box F5 v.3

Server 1 Fix oder Nix cocal vs marcus JTL
Server 2 camster Luna vs Peppino hula
Race 3

TR Bowtie F4 v.3

Server 1 Fix oder Nix hula vs Luna JTL
Server 2 camster marcus vs Peppino cocal
Race 4

TR Loop F3

Server 1 Fix oder Nix Peppino vs cocal hula
Server 2 camster JTL vs Luna marcus
Race 5

TR Twist F5

Server 1 Fix oder Nix marcus vs camster hula
Server 2 Luna Peppino vs cocal JTL
Race 6

TR Tour F4

Server 1 Fix oder Nix JTL vs camster Peppino
Server 2 Luna hula vs marcus cocal
Race 7

TR Airpump F5

Server 1 Fix oder Nix camster vs Luna cocal
Server 2 marcus hula vs Peppino JTL