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Team Racing Cup

First official TRC #2 2020-02-08

Ranking Country Boatname Races Wins Losses Ratio
1 RUS Mark 10 7 3 70%
1 RUS PArus 10 7 3 70%
3 NOR Balder 10 5 5 50%
3 RUS Ilya 10 5 5 50%
5 RUS Arap 10 3 7 30%
5 DEN Flowtation 10 3 7 30%
Race Table
Race Course Red Team Winner Blue Team
1TR Loop F5 Ilya PArus Balder
Mark Arap Flowtation
2TR Box F5 Ilya PArus Mark
Balder Arap Flowtation
3TR Twist F5 Ilya PArus Arap
Balder Mark Flowtation
4TR Straight F5 Ilya PArus Flowtation
Balder Mark Arap
5TR Loop F5 Ilya Balder Mark
PArus Arap Flowtation
6TR Box F5 Ilya Balder Arap
PArus Mark Flowtation
7TR Twist F5 Ilya Balder Flowtation
PArus Mark Arap
8TR Straight F5 Ilya Mark Arap
PArus Balder Flowtation
9TR Loop F5 Ilya Mark Flowtation
PArus Balder Arap
10TR Box F5 Ilya Arap Flowtation
PArus Balder Mark
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