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Team Racing Cup

easy sunday 2020-04-05

Ranking Country Boatname Races Wins Losses Ratio
1 CAN Fairplay 6 4 2 67%
1 FRA LG07 6 4 2 67%
3 BRA samuel 6 3 3 50%
3 RUS Ilya 6 3 3 50%
5 ITA donmasino 6 2 4 33%
5 AUT Venhobel 6 2 4 33%
Race Table
Race Course Red Team Winner Blue Team
1New maps available to download - Marseille LG07 Ilya Fairplay
samuel donmasino Venhobel
2New maps available to download - Marseille LG07 samuel Venhobel
donmasino Ilya Fairplay
3New maps available to download - RIO LG07 samuel donmasino
Ilya Fairplay Venhobel
4New maps available to download - RIO LG07 donmasino Ilya
samuel Fairplay Venhobel
5New maps available to download - Tropical LG07 Ilya Venhobel
samuel donmasino Fairplay
6New maps available to download - Sydney LG07 samuel Fairplay
donmasino Ilya Venhobel
7 LG07 donmasino Venhobel
samuel Ilya Fairplay
8 LG07 samuel Ilya
donmasino Fairplay Venhobel
9 LG07 Fairplay Venhobel
samuel donmasino Ilya
10 LG07 donmasino Fairplay
samuel Ilya Venhobel
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